Oklahoma gears up to curb alcohol abuse

America is drinking alcohol to death which is evident from the alarming statistics revealed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2015. The CDC said that every day almost 30 people die in the country in motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk driving.

The United States spends a whopping $59 billion annually owing to alcohol-related crashes. Americans’ love for alcohol forced the leaders of Tulsa in Oklahoma to convene a meeting in February 2016 to bring back the city’s focus on alcohol awareness and public safety issues related to drunk driving. The summit also focused on Oklahoma’s poor ranking among states in the number of binge drinking adults and youth consumption.

Public safety concern

Realizing the fact that drinking has become an integral part of the culture, Terri White, services commissioner, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, told Tulsaworld.com, “The most significant issue facing Tulsa County as it relates to substance abuse is alcohol, and we often forget that because it is a legal substance.”

Stressing on the findings of various researchers confirming that alcohol impairs the future functioning of undeveloped brains, and the fact that Oklahoma allows its teens and youth to consume alcohol before they turn 21, White said, “Alcohol abuse is the largest contributor to our criminal justice system here in Tulsa. We have a significantly high DUI rate and Tulsa County is above the rest of the state by 20 percent in driving-under-the-influence violations.”

Oklahoma’s different high

According to the CDC data released in 2015, Oklahoma had the 11th highest rate of alcohol poisoning deaths during 2010-12. It points to the fact that people in the state consumed so much alcohol that they died of the consumption itself rather than its consequences like DUI crashes.

It was also found that 159,000 Oklahomans aged 21 or older had reported of having five or more drinks on at least five occasions in a month, and 72,000 Oklahomans in the age group of 12-20 had indulged in binge drinking in the month prior to the publishing of this report.

Way to recovery

Plagued by the problem of alcohol abuse, Oklahoma plans to bring together community leaders to address the gaps in the system and help the affected avail of the services they need. It is necessary to understand the problems linked to alcohol intoxication, as the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) says that most of the cases of homicide, suicide and car crashes can be accounted to alcohol intoxication.

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