Getting to organize a teen party sans alcohol

Alcohol is the most widely abused substance among the youth in the United States, making them susceptible to a host of safety and health hazards. Underage drinking, a big problem in the U.S., can contribute to driving under the influence (DUI) offenses, crashes, serious injuries, violence, property damage and even death. Keeping these points in mind, parents of teenagers are in a fix whether to serve alcohol or not when they are hosting a teen party.

Households have different opinions about alcohol consumption among teens. Some allow their teens to drink in the presence of adults, while some do not want them to consume alcohol even when they themselves enter adulthood. However, it is better to avoid alcohol in these parties, considering the fact that it can account for uninvited problems like criminal charges against parents if they are caught serving alcohol to minors. If an underage teen tests positive for alcohol, it can lead to serious outcomes like suspension of the driver’s license and even prosecution.

Tips to host teen parties

Now that we have discussed the outcomes of serving alcohol during teen parties, we present our readers with some handy tips on organizing this kind of a party, without serving alcohol.

Planning in advance: Just because it is a teen party does not mean that parents can get complacent. They must start planning everything at least a month or two in advance.

Registering with local cops: This is a preventive step. It is always advisable to be registered at the local police station at least a month in advance and share the reservations regarding the fear of smuggled alcohol and the associated mayhem.

Keeping tabs on Facebook event: It is important that the parents control the Facebook event created for the teen party. Crisp guidelines should be written on the event page, such as the list of the people invited and details of the start and finish time. Parents can drop their contact numbers in case teens or their parents would like to get some additional info.

Keeping tabs on guest list: One must arrange for a few sturdy bouncers (including a female) at the entry gates with a list of the invitees. These bouncers would ensure that only the guests who were listed and carry a valid ID card were allowed at the party. The bouncers should be entrusted with thorough checking of teens to ensure that none of the kids are able to smuggle cigarettes, alcohol, weed or any other drug of abuse.

Serving sumptuous food and virgin drinks: Since alcohol is missing from the party, it is important to ensure that there is a plenty of serving of scrumptious snacks along with heavenly alcohol-free drinks. The menu can be decided by having a word with each set of parents well in advance and then finalizing certain common recipes.

Safe storage of valuables: One responsible adult must be installed at the entry gate and he or she should be responsible for collecting the valuables (watches, phones, and other gadgets). These valuables should then be kept under a lock to check any chance of thefts.

Turning off internet: Despite strict measures, some rogue kids are still able to smuggle their phones inside the party and once they are in, they try to connect with a Wi-Fi and watch porn. This can create a ruckus in the party and invite a lot of embarrassment for the hosts as well as other adults.

Road to recovery

The young generation of our nation is swiftly moving towards breaking its own previous records in terms of alcohol consumption. The youth are under the impression that alcohol is an indispensable part of any celebration. It is, therefore, the moral responsibility of adults, teachers, volunteers, etc. to bring a shift in this belief.

If you have a teen who is into alcohol, you must take corrective measures immediately. The Alcohol Addiction Get Help Helpline assists in accessing the finest alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States that specialize in delivering evidence-based intervention plans. Call at our 24/7 alcohol addiction treatment helpline number 866-281-3014 or chat online with our representatives to know more about customized treatment plans.

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