Celebrities infamous for alcoholism – Part I

Alcoholism is a disease that affects a person both physiologically and psychologically, just like any other disorder. Considering the popular drinking culture in the United States, alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a common problem cutting across economic and social backgrounds.

Many celebrities are known for their drinking habits. Some well-known names who fell prey to alcohol and found it difficult to quit are:

1. Truman Capote: Known for his writings like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood,” American novelist Truman Capote is also known for his struggle with alcoholism. His favorite drink was “The Screwdriver.” Drinking fueled his writing and he fondly referred to his favorite cocktail as “my orange drink.” Capote underwent treatment for alcoholism in the 1970s, but his health had deteriorated drastically by then. His drinking problem is believed to be responsible for his incomplete novel “Answered Prayers.”

2. Billy Joel: Billy Joel is famous for his pop music. Known for hits like “Piano Man” and “She’s Always a Woman,” Joel had admitted about his struggle with alcohol abuse during the adult years of his life. When his drinking problem started affecting his professional and personal relationships, he was forced to seek treatment by his fellow musician and frequent touring partner Elton John. Despite his repeated failures and recurrent advice by his friends, Joel insisted that he has no drinking problem.

3. Stephen King: Horror novelist Stephen King struggled with a drinking problem for years. He had taken to alcohol in the initial years of his life to escape from the prolonged depression that supposedly was a result of the poverty he faced during his childhood in Portland, Maine. A timely intervention by both family and friends in 1987 made him realize his addictive habit and the need to chart a roadmap toward complete sobriety. King took expert guidance that helped him do away with his drinking in late the 1980s.

4. Robin Williams: Renowned for his role as a professor in the much-acclaimed film “Dead Poet’s Society” or his comic timings in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Robin Williams had drinking problems from his initial days though he attempted to gain control over his drinking after the death of one of his friends. He remained sober for 20 years but one day he suddenly got back to drinks.

5. Ben Affleck: Known for his role in “Armageddon,” Ben Affleck went to a rehab for his drinking problems in 2001. However, he was seen drinking again following a decade of sobriety. Affleck admitted to coming from a family with a long history of alcoholism, thus, affirming the studies that children born to alcoholics are at a greater risk of suffering from the same. Recognized for his supporting role in award winning movies like “Dazed and Confused,” Affleck did not allow his drinking habit to impact his professional life.

A step toward sobriety

There is no denying that heavy and constant drinking can ruin lives. Alcohol consumption affects not only the person but even his family members and friends. Uncontrolled drinking habits can increase the risk of dependence and addiction that can lead to various other disorders.

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