Celebrities infamous for alcoholism – Part 3

Drinking is popular among Americans despite its adverse effects. Long-term drinking habit, which can be difficult to control due to the addictive properties of alcohol, can add to the rising addiction problem. The severity alcohol addiction is evident from the increasing number of people queuing up outside rehabilitation centers to seek necessary treatment. The scourge of alcoholism is noticed not only among the general public, but also among celebrities who often have to seek treatment to attain freedom from their addiction.

Some celebrities known for their alcohol addiction are:

  • David Hasselhoff: Famous for his role in “Baywatch,” Hasselhoff lost his reputation to alcoholism. A homemade video of Hasselhoff, showing him completely inebriated, went viral in 2007 and gained maximum attention in countless news programs and across the internet. His drinking habit resulted in suspension of his visitation rights to meet his daughters and this coerced him to seek professional help to get rid of his dependence on alcohol. In a candid confession, Hasselhoff revealed how he literally hit rock bottom before deciding to go for an intervention for alcoholism. The famous actor was initially apprehensive about seeking treatment and had checked out of a rehabilitation center a day after he entered. However, an incident of overdrinking that resulted in a hospital visit made him realize the need for treatment.
  • Eric Clapton: The guitarist, singer and songwriter received news coverage not only for his ability to entertain people, but also for his long stint with addictive substances. He had to compromise in his professional life due to his addiction to various substances, including alcohol. It was only after the birth of his son Conor that Clapton got motivated to attempt sobriety. Looking back at his follies of considering addiction to be an inspiration for motivation, Clapton now stands by his vows to remain sober all his life.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: Teenage sensation Radcliffe, known for his roles in the Harry Potter series, revealed that he used to reach the sets drunk while shooting for the later episodes of the franchise. Radcliffe said that he had developed addiction in response to his public success and the mounting pressure to retain it. Now in his fifth year of complete abstention from alcohol, Radcliffe prefers a quieter lifestyle compared to his earlier life. Describing circumstances that led him to compulsive drinking at such an early age, he said, “I was living in constant fear of who I’d meet, what I might have said to them, what I might have done with them, so I’d stay in my apartment for days and drink alone. I was a recluse at 20. It was pathetic — it wasn’t me. I’m a fun, polite person and it turned me into a rude bore.” Constant intervention by friends and well-wishers made him realize the need to seek treatment for his alcohol drinking habit.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis: A BAFTA and a Golden Globe winner, Jamie Lee Curtis has throughout been candid about her struggle with alcoholism. What initiated as dependence on painkillers for relief from pain of cosmetic surgery, Curtis frequently drank alcohol to anesthetize herself on a daily basis. This led to an increasing feeling of addiction to alcohol which continued till a staged intervention from her daughter encouraging her to embrace sobriety.

Recovery from alcohol addiction is possible

It might appear difficult to recover from alcohol addiction, but it is possible. People opt for sobriety because of an innate desire to get rid of the feeling of dependence that not only plays havoc with the life of those dependent on alcohol, but also destroys social and personal relationships.

If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, it’s time to seek professional assistance. One should not delay treatment or it can worsen the situation. Contact the Alcohol Addiction Get Help for evidence-based treatments on alcohol addiction. Call at our 24/7 alcohol addiction treatment helpline number 866-281-3014 or chat online with our addiction treatment experts to know more about the best alcohol addiction treatment centers.

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