Celebrating Valentine’s Day the sober way

Valentine’s Day is commemorated as the day dedicated to love. Some spend it with their beloved while a few others prefer to be with their close friends, family or even pets. Occasions such as New Year Eve or Valentine’s Day are invariably associated with alcohol, but this may not necessarily be true.

Though staying away from alcohol can get challenging, especially when one is surrounded by people who are frequent drinkers or enablers, there are numerous non-drinking options available for people who want to remain sober or are on medication that requires abstaining and want to celebrate an alcohol-free Valentine’s Day. With some planning, one can easily get away without drinking and celebrate this day with great joy and fervor. Here are some tips to help.

Celebrating in nature’s bounty: Very often, people relate a celebration with a bar and liquor. However, when one is in recovery or consciously trying to stay sober, this can be a bad idea. Instead, one can take his or her loved one to a park and arrange a picnic. People can also plan a hike and a bonfire at night. Going to the seaside and visiting a zoo or a museum can also be a thrilling experience. Although contemporary lifestyles have completely changed people’s idea of a celebration, there is no harm in changing a few areas of one’s lifestyle to stay committed to sobriety.

Going for a sport, play or a movie: One must understand that the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to rejoice the feeling of being in love with someone special. Going for a game of soccer or watching a movie that both enjoy can offer a lot of relaxation than a glass of alcohol.

Organizing a sober indoor party: One can also arrange a cozy house party for his or her partner, friends or even family members. A little bit of effort and experimentation can ensure a successful party, without anyone seeking alcohol or any other abusive substance. One can keep a stock of non-alcoholic drinks such as mojito, iced tea, fresh fruit juice, coconut water, ginger ale, lemonade and many more, to give a sober touch to the celebration.

Volunteering: Nothing can bring serenity to the mind and body than spending time in volunteering activities. It is a way of giving back to the society by doing something meaningful for the underprivileged or those grappling with some illness or addiction. Volunteering with one’s valentine for some community work can further strengthen the relationship.

Attending meetings: One can meet people in recovery and share his or her story with the other members. Interacting with people who have had the same set of challenges can get very meaningful and inspirational. Visiting a rehab with one’s beloved can help the latter understand the struggles of those fighting substance abuse, which can add a lot of empathy and solidarity to the relationship.

Road to recovery

Drinking alcohol in the right way and in moderate quantities are acceptable but one should be careful of not getting addicted to it. However, if an individual has developed alcohol addiction, it is advisable to seek medical assistance immediately.

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