Prophylactic approaches to manage alcohol and teenage pregnancies

Kylie, a 15-year-old chubby teen had a perfect life – caring parents, comfortable lifestyle, steady relationship and excellent grades. Kylie shared an intimate equation with her boyfriend and her joy knew no bounds when she discovered that she was three-months pregnant. Unfortunately, the news of her pregnancy was not well received by her partner and he insisted that they discard this pregnancy for it was too early to think about having a baby. After much pestering, he convinced Kylie to gulp some tablets, which would help her get rid of the pregnancy smoothly. Read more

Study reveals how alcoholism causes muscle weakness

Chronic drinking can have terrible effects on a person’s health. Many consequences of alcoholism are well known, such as liver and cardiovascular damage. However, one recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) has discovered that excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the body’s ability to repair its own muscles, causing muscle weakness and degeneration over time. These findings shed new light on the harm that alcoholism can inflict as well as provide information for the development of new treatments.

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