Am I Drinking too Much? Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions on alcohol

The reason why one has so many questions about alcohol is because it is a beverage that most Americans enjoy and is socially acceptable. However, years of studies have proved that drinking too much alcohol is detrimental for not only one’s physical health but also mental health. Here we take up the most frequently asked questions about alcohol and answer them for you. Read more

Effective hangover cures

Hangovers are a result of reckless drinking which leads to poor quality of sleep, acute dehydration, inflammation of the stomach and intestine, and production of toxic substances causing headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating and palpitations. Hangovers are terrible as they affect one’s ability to concentrate and remember things that happened last night. It is, however, possible to treat a hangover.

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Will HB 456 finally rip the ‘Zion curtain’?

Freddy and his fellow employees smashed the glass partition in their restaurant. It was not an act of violence but of celebration. They broke the glass partition separating the bar from the rest of the restaurant. This bizarre celebration came after Utah, already popular for its quirky laws, decided to do away with the so called “Zion curtain” – a physical barrier separating the bar of the restaurant from their dining rooms. The intended purpose of putting up these curtains was to prevent restaurant-goers, especially children, teens and young adults, from seeing alcohol being poured in a bid to discourage drinking. Zion curtains were mandated by law in 2017. Read more

‘Alcohol marketing changing women’s attitude towards alcohol’

A recovering alcoholic herself, it has been more a decade since the award-winning journalist-author Ann Dowsett Johnston, realized that she had a drinking problem. Even after the realization set in, it took “two family members and a sweetheart” to confront her and get her to join rehab.

According to Ann, “Alcoholism is marked by denial and progression.” She says that while her dependency progressed quickly, she denied it until she couldn’t. In her 50s at the time, Johnston fell into deep depression and used alcohol to self-medicate and became the “poster girl for the modern alcoholic” owing to her high-functioning professional status. Read more

Dry January: 5 benefits of giving up alcohol for entire month

For millions across the globe, the month of January not just signifies the beginning of a brand new year, but also a monthlong break from alcohol consumption. The practice of ‘Dry January,’ an annual tradition that involves abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of January, brings along with it many benefits. While the reasons may vary, most people participating in the event to leverage numerous benefits, like fewer drinking bouts, proper sleep, improvement in skin and huge savings. Read more

NCAA hopes to reduce alcohol abuse by educating student athletes about its consequences

Drinking on the campus has become a ritual among college students. In fact, it is widely considered as a rite of passage into adulthood. The college students jump into this ritual without a second thought to the dangerous consequences. Many students already come with prior experience in drinking and the college environment only serves to exacerbate the problem. Read more

Combination of moderate drinking and sleep restriction leads to greater drowsiness

The indulgence in alcohol and lack of sleep are the main causes of motor vehicle accidents that result in grave injuries or fatalities to both the person on the steering wheel and people on the road. Since driving involves complex behaviors, such as motor control, cognitive processing and visual attention, even moderate alcohol consumption (within the legal limits of driving) can prove disastrous when combined with moderate sleep restriction that triggers drowsiness. Read more

Subtle signs of alcoholism that are easy to miss

As alcoholism is experienced in myriad ways, it has a different face for different people. Moreover, people avoid admitting the demonic side of drinking due to the underestimation of their challenges and problems. Read more

Manipulation of pathways and changes in communication signals reinforce alcohol consumption

Since ages scientists have been trying to decipher the profound effects of alcohol on a person’s thought, mood and behavior, as well as the changes that take place in the brain that leads to dependence and addiction in certain people. The advancements in the field of neuroscience have enabled scientists and researchers to decipher these changes due to alcohol that leads to intoxication, dependence and eventually an addiction. Read more

Prophylactic approaches to manage alcohol and teenage pregnancies

Kylie, a 15-year-old chubby teen had a perfect life – caring parents, comfortable lifestyle, steady relationship and excellent grades. Kylie shared an intimate equation with her boyfriend and her joy knew no bounds when she discovered that she was three-months pregnant. Unfortunately, the news of her pregnancy was not well received by her partner and he insisted that they discard this pregnancy for it was too early to think about having a baby. After much pestering, he convinced Kylie to gulp some tablets, which would help her get rid of the pregnancy smoothly. Read more