Is fetal alcohol spectrum disorder a hidden epidemic?

Drinking and smoking are considered a no-no for a woman in the family way. Not just during the pregnancy, but even when she is planning to conceive, she must refrain from consuming alcohol. It must be noted that there is no safe alcohol limit for a pregnant woman, neither there is a safe time to indulge in drinking. Read more

Addiction affects brain in three phases: Study

Alcoholism is a long-term (chronic) disease, which causes serious problems to physical health, emotional stability, finances, career and relationships. Excessive alcohol is dangerous as it disrupts the brain circuits that control impulsiveness and stimulate the nervous system. Read more

Does smoking impact alcohol abuse treatment?

People who smoke are less likely to continue with alcohol treatment programs than non-smokers, according to findings by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions (RIA). The findings of the RIA study, published in journal Substance Use and Misuse, showed that non-smokers gained better treatment outcomes than smokers who were also addicted to alcohol. Read more

One stands a heightened chance of taking to the vice of alcoholism if his or her parents, grandparents or any other close relative were ever hooked on drinking, a study conducted in 2015 has found. However, just because alcoholism tends to run in the family it does not mean that a child will automatically inherit the drinking habit too, it notes. Read more

Alcohol-based mouthwash poses risks to addicts

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important in fighting cavities and preventing other oral problems. Mouthwash companies advertise the effectiveness of their products to rinse away plaque, kill germs and provide minty fresh breath. What many people do not realize is that most big brands of mouthwash contain a significant amount of alcohol. Consumer mouthwash has become a popular way for alcoholics to bypass restrictions on alcoholic beverages and get drunk publically. Before purchasing a brand of mouthwash, it’s important to get the facts and understand the risks.

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