Alcohol promises but never delivers

Living a euphoric life without any attachments or obligations is such an appealing thought. May be those who get addicted to alcohol can relate to this thought the most. While one may live life with as much reckless abandon as one desires, it is also important to be socially and morally responsible to oneself and to others. In fact, people with alcohol addiction should meet those who have recovered, hear their stories and then introspect. It’s one way to let them know just how damaging alcohol abuse can be.

Many people find an escape route in alcohol, something that makes them forget the hardships of life. The sheer feeling of ecstasy that such people get is very rewarding for them, however, temporary it may be. This sheer euphoric high makes one inclined to drink more and more. However, what one ignores is that alcohol promises a lot but delivers little.

False hope and misleading assurances

The use of alcohol has seeped into all cultures and is universally marked as a symbol of celebration and stress buster. That has let people into believing in a lot of myths like the ones listed below.

The “joy” friend: Much like a close friend, many people presume alcohol to be their joy friend. They start associating alcohol with all the good things happening in their lives. Got a promotion? Let’s drink. Bought a new house? Let’s drink. They begin to believe that no celebration is complete without alcohol, which is not true. Most people are not aware that alcohol is a depressant. While it does give a feeling of being high, it is often noticed that the next morning is ruined by the hangover.

Facilitates intelligent conversations: While consuming alcohol in copious amounts, the guard is lowered and one can converse in great detail about almost anything with anyone. They think alcohol facilitates intelligence, and do not realize that the following morning, most of what was spoken about is not retained. Most of it anyway are lofty talks with no meaning. Sobriety brings forth a different level of awareness to a person and can help have some real and meaningful conversations.

No inhibitions: People who are usually of a shy demeanor start believing that alcohol helps them loosen up. They start relying heavily on alcohol to pull them through social situations. People get comfortable behind this social mask that they tend to wear post a few drinks at a party. What they don’t realize is, that is not them. That is not the real self.

Pain reliever: This is the most prominent reason put forth by alcohol abusers. Alcohol helps relieve the pain, be it physical or emotional. Almost every person who gulps down a few drinks often, has at some point or the other, turned to it because the going got tough. People look at alcohol as a problem solver, as something that would somehow miraculously make their problems go away. But alcohol dependence can cause debilitating effects on one’s mental and physical health.

Sobriety is attainable

Alcohol abuse has plagued the society for a while now, and it’s time people took it seriously. An increasing number of alcohol addiction treatment centers are mushrooming all over the United States providing extensive treatment plans to help one recover from alcohol addiction. The promises that alcohol make can only be delivered by staying sober.

If you or your loved one is battling alcohol addiction, seek help immediately. The Alcohol Addiction Get Help Helpline can be of immense assistance in making you aware of health services provided by the best alcohol addiction treatment centers in the U.S. You can even call the 24/7 helpline number (866)-281-3014 or chat online with our experts for further details.