6 ways to beat alcoholism

“It is strange how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible but 8 beers is so damn easy.” Though meant to be funny, the above line has a strong message for those who find alcohol more delectable than anything else. Many admit that alcohol is more luring than they can resist, but they usually lack an awareness of the innumerable lives lost due to severe alcoholism.

As per a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excessive alcohol use cost the United States approximately 88,000 lives with 2.5 million years of potential life lost each year between 2006 and 2010, shortening the lives of those who died at the average of 30 years.

In the words of Griffith Edwards, the pioneer in addiction medicine, “Alcohol is a pervasive fact of life, but an extraordinary fact—pleasurable and destructive, anathematized and adulated, and deeply ambiguous…the genie in the bottle.”

Treatment is the only solution for an alcoholic; severe the alcoholism, harsher the withdrawal symptoms. Hence, it is always better to stay miles away from alcohol than ending up in a rehab for detoxification. Here, we explore six ways to beat alcoholism before it turns out to be a monster and runs after our blood:

  1. Confiding in a doctor: It is commendable when somebody decides to quit alcohol. In fact, the idea of quitting alcohol is a giant leap for the individual. Though initially it appears to be a formidable task, gradually one realizes that it is worth taking the plunge. However, detoxifying from alcohol on one’s own is not a very good idea as it entails severe withdrawal symptoms which are usually difficult to handle without expert intervention. Hence, consulting a doctor is the right step to go about it.
  2. Changing attitude toward alcohol: Quitting alcohol is a noble act; it is not shedding a good habit or practice. Hence, it is necessary that one changes his or her attitude toward quitting alcohol. An individual has to make up his mind to quit alcohol at any cost to get the desired effect.
  3. Fixing a date also helps: It is one step further when a date has been finalized to go with the process of sobriety. Setting a date makes one more committed to achieving this goal.
  4.  Trashing away bottles, cans and containers: Before starting the process of becoming sober, it is advisable to trash away all liquor from the house. It will free a person from all potential temptations and prevent giving in to weaker moments. However, if one needs to seek refuge in an inpatient treatment center, it holds no significance as it would be an alcohol-free zone.
  5. Eating healthy food: If a doctor allows an individual to receive treatment at the center and thereafter leave for his/her natural environment, then eating healthy food is an important step. Eating healthy not only helps in building resilience but also repairs the damage done by alcoholism.
  6. Staying away from provocative environment: One should always avoid situations which could be tempting and lure somebody to drink a glass or two. If this happens, it could jeopardize all plans to quit and a person might go back to square one. Relapses are common and frustrating in alcohol detox. Hence, it is always better to exercise restraint in the very first place.

With all these steps in place, there should not be any doubt that sobriety is just round the corner.

If somebody is grappling with alcoholism, call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-281-3014 or chat online to get in touch with one of the recognized alcohol addiction treatment centers in USA. With help and advice from members of Alcohol Addiction Get Help, complete recovery is just a call away.