6 tips for alcohol-free New Year’s Eve

Drinking alcohol moderately is not harmful but indulging in excessive quantities every day can cause addiction, leading to severe physical and mental health problems, socio-economic and legal issues. Many people who are addicted to alcohol commit crimes in their drunken state and many die due to alcohol poisoning. According to a recent report by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), every year, approximately 88,000 people, which include nearly 62,000 men and 26,000 women, succumb to alcohol-related causes, thereby making alcohol the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

For some individuals, it is impossible to enjoy the New Year party without a drink in their hand. This is the reason why New Year’s Eve is considered as the “booziest” occasion of the year. Some people even try drug cocktails, the lethal mishmash of alcohol and drugs, which can, sometimes, be life-threatening. But, for those who are sober or choosing not to drink during the festive season, it is important to learn strategies to remain alcohol-free or develop coping skills to set limits or tolerate effects of alcoholism.

Here are some handy tips to celebrate a liquor-free New Year’s Eve:

Picking a party with no alcohol: New Year’s Eve should begin with happiness rather than getting involved in controversies or difficult situations. Partying with sober friends can help individuals celebrate an alcohol-free New Year’s Eve. In fact, it is more joyful to spend time with people who are more interested in enjoying each other’s company, rather than getting drunk.

Partying with trustworthy people: When attending a party where alcohol can be served, one must be accompanied by a near or dear one who can remind him or her to take the right decision about not to get involved in binge drinking.

Having an emergency plan ready: One must have an excuse or an emergency plan ready to leave the party if he or she is in a situation where there is a plenty of alcohol and where everyone is pressurized to drink more and more.

Setting up a reward system for remaining sober: Setting up a reward system for remaining sober during the New Year’s Eve can encourage people to enjoy parties without alcohol. To raise the sense of achievement, rewards such as going for shopping or eating out at one’s favorite restaurant could be tempting for individuals, motivating them to spend the New Year’s Eve in sobriety.

Dealing with stress: For those undergoing treatment for alcoholism, it is important to curb their temptation for alcohol so that they do not have a relapse. Sometimes, it may be difficult for people to avoid alcohol when surrounded by enormous quantities of it during festivities. Such individuals should adopt certain coping mechanisms to deal with the adverse effects of drinking, and most importantly, they must learn to say no to alcohol, even if they feel the urge to drink.

Eating healthy diet: The New Year parties involve a lot of food and desserts which can sometimes trigger anxiety in people, prompting them to drink alcohol in order to get the feeling of calmness. Maintaining a healthy eating habit and eating in control can pave the way for enjoyable and gratifying New Year’s Eve.

Professional help is available

A person’s strong willpower to follow proper treatment processes and have self-control over cravings are very important to recover from alcohol addiction and get sober. Seeking professional help can lend a helping hand to the individual to recuperate mentally as well as physically from addiction.

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