5 tips to adopt safe and non-addictive drinking habits

It is often heard and said that drinking alcohol in moderate quantity is not a bad idea as it can help a person in staying healthy. However, it has been largely observed that an increased number of people steadily develop an addiction to alcohol. As a result, the number of people who drink alcohol in a healthy way is comparatively small than those with a severe addiction to alcohol.

The enormity of the drinking problem can be understood by the below-mentioned statistics. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 87.6 percent of Americans aged 18 and above in 2014 admitted to drinking alcohol at some point in their lifetime.

Though there is a growing trend of following a healthy lifestyle these days, it has unfortunately become more of a fad than a serious behavioral change. Although stopping the use of addictive substances, such as alcohol and drugs, is one of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle, a person can continue to stay fit and active by drinking alcohol in healthy ways.

Some simple tips have been mentioned below that won’t stop one from enjoying the drink, and still staying healthy without developing an addiction.

1. Avoiding sugary mixers

Processing alcohol is as hard for the human body as processing any sugary mixer, such as margarita mix, Red Bull, etc. Therefore, one should ensure that he or she is not mixing his or her drink with any such mixers. Instead, it is recommended to try mixing the drink with water or fresh fruit juice with no added sugar.

The NIAAA states that drinking alcohol might weaken one’s immune system. Therefore, one should add lime to his or her drink to increase the intake of vitamin C to boost immunity. Additionally, its citrus flavonoids can significantly improve digestion.

2. Choosing light drinks

As vodka, gin and light beer are lower in calories and the impurities congeners compared to hard drinks, this reduces the chances of facing any sort of hangover. They are also lighter and easier on one’s body compared to hard drinks, such as whiskey, bourbon whiskey or red wine.

3. Eating before drinking

It is recommended to eat snacks or a meal right before drinking the first beverage. A well-balanced nutritious diet also slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream and gives the body required time to process the alcohol. This, in turn, prevents nausea, headache and other digestive problems. The consumption of starch or dairy products can also help in preparing the body for alcohol.

4. Eating while drinking

One of the great ways to stay healthy while enjoying the drink is by eating healthy snacks with the drink. One should avoid foods that are high in calories, such as pizza and other processed foods, as they might not let the body absorb alcohol in the right way.

5. Staying hydrated

Due to its numerous benefits, such as combatting fatigue, reducing high blood pressure and acne, eliminating digestive disorders, etc., drinking water is an effective way to avoid any problem while drinking alcohol. Alcohol being a diuretic dehydrates an individual’s body. Therefore, one should make sure to keep sipping water between the drinks to keep himself or herself hydrated, as well as to avoid any sort of hangover the next day.

Treating alcohol addiction

Drinking alcohol in the right way and in moderate quantities are acceptable but one should be careful of not getting addicted to it. However, if an individual has developed alcohol addiction, it is advisable to seek medical assistance immediately.

If you or your loved one is unable to stop drinking, the Alcohol Addiction Get Help Helpline can assist you in finding the best alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States. You may also contact us at our 24/7 alcohol addiction treatment helpline number 866-281-3014 or chat online with one of our addiction treatment specialists who can assist you with the complete information about the best alcohol addiction treatment centers.