Getting to organize a teen party sans alcohol

Alcohol is the most widely abused substance among the youth in the United States, making them susceptible to a host of safety and health hazards. Underage drinking, a big problem in the U.S., can contribute to driving under the influence (DUI) offenses, crashes, serious injuries, violence, property damage and even death. Keeping these points in mind, parents of teenagers are in a fix whether to serve alcohol or not when they are hosting a teen party. Read more

Subtle signs of alcoholism that are easy to miss

As alcoholism is experienced in myriad ways, it has a different face for different people. Moreover, people avoid admitting the demonic side of drinking due to the underestimation of their challenges and problems. Read more

Is alcohol addiction a problem of willpower?

Those addicted to alcohol are believed to lack willpower. It is said that they can cure their addiction if they have a stronger willpower. On the contrary, it can cause more problems. There is a strong resemblance between the way the brain of a person who is highly attuned to his or her goals and a person who is compulsively addicted to alcohol functions. Both of them accord high priority to their objectives. If a person craves for a drink late at night, he or she will most likely brave the weather and time to crawl into some alley that is open all night and has a bootlegger selling alcohol. Such is the strength of strong determination. Read more

Manipulation of pathways and changes in communication signals reinforce alcohol consumption

Since ages scientists have been trying to decipher the profound effects of alcohol on a person’s thought, mood and behavior, as well as the changes that take place in the brain that leads to dependence and addiction in certain people. The advancements in the field of neuroscience have enabled scientists and researchers to decipher these changes due to alcohol that leads to intoxication, dependence and eventually an addiction. Read more