Alcohol abuse in older women

Lately, alcoholism has become a critical problem among elderly women in America. A habit that was previously considered a male disorder has now taken even elderly women into its clutches. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the elderly women who have a chronic drinking problem seek treatment for their addiction, thus giving rise to a “hidden epidemic.” Read more

Dangers of alcohol use in teens

Alcohol consumption has become a deliberate affair for many American adolescents. While all contemporary societies condemn underage drinking, alcohol still plays a central role in the life of numerous teens in the United States. However, alcoholism is a serious public health problem, especially among the youth who are at an enormous health and safety risk. Drinking is a major form of substance abuse that has assumed endemic proportions in the U.S. Read more

Establishing link between binge drinking and holiday heart syndrome

Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with numerous health risks, including a range of cancers. There is no safe drinking level, thus, even though a person may not witness the effects of alcohol in a short term, he or she can develop deadly illnesses after 10-20 years of regular drinking. Read more

Elderly alcoholism: Overlapping of symptoms and neglect accelerate health risk

Alcoholism among elderly is an alarmingly growing phenomenon in the United States. Most of the times, elderly alcoholism is under recognized for various reasons due to the similarity and overlapping with the symptoms of aging. Considering the above situation, it is extremely necessary to keep an eye on one’s parents or elderly relatives to avoid total dependence on alcohol. Read more