Proposed law to pull down wall meant to check alcohol sale unites Florida retailers

The retailers in Florida, backed strongly by lawmakers, are up in arms against a bill that proposes to repeal an old law that necessitates a wall at a retail outlet to keep the businesses of grocery and alcohol separate. As per the law, which has been in place since 1935, Florida grocery stores are prohibited from selling beer, wine and food along with hard liquor and need to have a dividing wall separating each section. Retail giants, such as Walgreens, Target and Walmart, want the wall be brought down by putting an end to the law. Read more

Celebrating Valentine’s Day the sober way

Valentine’s Day is commemorated as the day dedicated to love. Some spend it with their beloved while a few others prefer to be with their close friends, family or even pets. Occasions such as New Year Eve or Valentine’s Day are invariably associated with alcohol, but this may not necessarily be true. Read more

Higher number of alcohol outlets may lead to more violence, suggests study

A study published by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) in January 2017 has found that the neighborhoods where alcohol is readily available are highly susceptible to violence. The study design was triggered when Governor Tom Wolf signed a new legislation in Pennsylvania, facilitating the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores across the state, allowing liquor stores to remain open on Sundays. Read more

The connected dots: Liver, brain and alcohol

It is said that the atmosphere around one’s self affects the person that they grow up to become. For instance, an adolescent who has a stable environment at home, a good circle of friends, and gets good education is likely to have a stable career and a successful life. Although, it sometimes never turns out that way. In contrast, many children grow up amongst hardships. These include witnessing domestic violence, seeing parents indulge in substance abuse, unemployment, bullying and so on. This too can have an adverse effect in the growing years. Probably that is why the United States has more than a million people who take to alcohol abuse in the initial phases of their lives. Read more