Know what lies beyond hangovers: Effect on pancreas

In the previous article of this series, we discussed the ill effects of heavy drinking on the brain. However, excessive drinking damages other organs as well, including pancreas. Read more

What lies beyond hangovers: Effect on brain

Some people find drinking alcohol fashionable, while there are others who disapprove of it. While drinking in small amounts can arguably be good for the human body, consuming it in a large volume at a night out, or consistently over time, is injurious to health. Yet, unaware of what alcohol does to their bodies, some people go on to consume excessive alcohol and end up getting habituated to it. Read more

Social media helps predicting risk of alcohol problems among students

College drinking is a major public health issue in the United States. Students consider drinking as a trend and thus, go on posting drinking-related updates, pictures and videos on social networking sites (SNSs). Read more